Land Investor Accelerator Program


The LIA Program was designed specifically to help new land investors go from rookie dirt flipper to full-time land investor in 12 months or less

I'll show you how I started my land investing business with just $7,000 in 2019 and scaled to $2,867,552.59 in sales in 2022.
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"What I love about this community more than any other course or mastermind that I am a part of, is that if you were to just take one program, or just be part of one mastermind, and just belong to one land investment community I am 100% certain that this is it. The reason is because there is a tremendous amount of information provided in the course, it’s probably the fullest course I have ever taken, there is also an incredible community…" Michael Bull
What you’ll get inside the LIA Program

The LIA Program was designed for ambitious entrepreneurs, who demand more out of life

Truth is, we are not the only program to teach you how to buy and sell dirt. There are plenty of other programs that will show you how to flip dessert squares in the middle of god knows where. That’s not what the LIA Program is all about. The LIA Program is only for serious entrepreneurs who are looking to build serious land businesses. This is not a “part time” side hustle to make $5k/mo. No, this is for the land investor who wants to maximize their impact and scale a business that builds generational wealth. This is for those who know their capabilities are limitless. If this is you, you’ve found your land investing tribe. See you on the inside!

- Sumner Healey
LIA Head Coach

 The amount of detail and the content for the value is un-f*cking-real. You should be charging 10x what you are. There really isn’t a price for what you are offering, its the biggest steal I have ever seen  CB.

What You Will Learn in The Land Investing Accelerator Program

Why Land Investing

Phase 1: Why Land Investing

Learn how land investing works and why there is such a huge opportunity.

Market Selection

Phase 2: Market Selection

Learn how to pick winning land markets and why some are better than others.

Data Aggregation

Phase 3: Data Aggregation

Learn how to make educated, data-driven decisions to mitigate risk and maximize success.

Building Offers

Phase 4: Building Offers

Learn how to buy land for pennies on the dollar and maximize your return on investment.


Phase 5: Acquisitions

Learn how to close land deals with motivated sellers.

Phase 6: Dispositions

Learn about our proprietary selling methodology to close deals faster while maximizing profits.

Business Building

Phase 7: Building a Business

Learn to systematize and delegate operations with Sumner’s land-flipping business framework.


Phase 8: Funding

Short on cash to fund your deals? Don’t worry; I started on the same boat. We share valuable funding resources, so you never miss a deal!

Essential Tools

Phase 9: Discounted Tools & Resources

Get access to all of the land investing tools you need, many of which come with exclusive LIA discounts

Hear from past LIA Members…

I can’t talk highly enough of the course and if any body is on the fence I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend you to take it. It will change your life. It certainly change mine, in my family’s life.

Michael Bull

I would highly recommend Sumner’s land investing program and it really cuts the learning curve in terms of land investing and it really gets you started in the business and help you.

Rylan Loader

Clearly done a lot of work to spend his own time doing trial and error figuring out what works and I would 100% encourage anybody who’s curious to get in touch and figure out how to work with Sumner

Levi Pine

I JV with a guy from the program, on a deal I would have passed on. Into something that’s actually going to make us money. That’s very powerful, I would not have known if it were not for the LIA Community

Cole Richardson

This is what I love about this community. You get access to different people at different stages in their business. That do it in different ways, but they are all an open source to really just encourage you and provide you valuable information.


I wanted to be able to make $225,000 a year consistently with this business. Looking at it, that might be a little small considering how many leads I already have in my pipeline, how many contracts I have, and how many deals are already going through

Mike Lopez

The reason that I ended up joining the LIA program and community was that I wanted to level up my business from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure business

Colton Bones

What I love about this community more than any other course or mastermind that I am a part of, is that if you were to just take one program, or just be part of one mastermind, and just belong to one land investment community I am 100% certain that this is it. The reason is because there is a tremendous amount of information provided in the course, it’s probably the fullest course I have ever taken, there is also an incredible community…

I’ve made roughly $75k profit in the first 10 months of 2022  RL.

Take a peek inside the Land Investing Accelerator Program

Outline for Modules
Topic: Why Land Investing?
How We Add Value and Get Paid as Land Investors

This module covers the mechanics of land investing. How do we add value and why is there an opportunity here? Core components are buying low by going direct to seller, inefficiencies in comping properties, profile of land owners (rarely use the land, out of state, etc), lack of bank financing for land/owner financing, adding value through marketing, and adding value from minor improvements ex:minor land subdivides, brush clearing, road development, etc.

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Different land subtypes
Different Land Subtypes

This module covers the different types of land ex: Infill lots, Rural Infill Lots, Rural Recreational

Different Land Investing Business Models
Different Land Investing Business Models

This module covers the different land investing business models and their relation to the different land subtypes.

The 4 Step Land Investing Framework
The 4 Step Land Investing Framework

This module covers the 4 steps for running a land investing business. Market Selection, Data Aggregation, Pricing & Mailing, Acquisitions & Dispositions

Emulating My Business
Emulating My Business

This module provide recommendations based on my business. This covers property subtypes, marketing approaches, acquisitions channels, property size range, and property price point.

Sharpening The Ax

This module provides a worksheet + encourages the student to build out a road map before starting their land investing career. Prompts outline an acquisitions budget, operations budget, marketing channel to start with, property type to start with, and defining “what does success look like over the next 12 months?”.

Get Your First Deal in 90 Days

Use the LIA Learn, Implement, & Coach framework to get your first deal in 90 days or less.

Topic: Market Selection
Selecting Your Market
Selecting Your Market

What are the ingredients that make for a great land investing market? Ownership data, non-disclosure states, outskirts of major metropolitan area, local attractions, monthly parcels sold, sold versus listings, price point, size range, and listing traction (views and saves).

Going a Mile Deep, Not a Mile Wide

Explaining the philosophy behind “micro mailers”. Select tightly grouped pockets of like kind properties, opposed to working entire counties at once.

Land Use & HOA’s
Land Use & HOA’s

HOAs, covenants, restrictions, land use, etc.

Tools of the Trade
Tools of The Trade

Every market is a bit different in regard to which platforms work best for market research. We use Redfin,, and Zillow. Explain how we use the different platforms.

Finding A Market Together
Finding A Market Together

Real time selecting of a market. Also compare your findings between the different markets found in the demonstration. Highlight the differences and show which one is best.

Market Monday’s + Keeping Track of Your Findings
Market Monday’s + Keeping Track of Your Findings

Market selection is one of the most important aspects of this business. It’s the top of the funnel for the results in your business. Teach the students how to make a consistent habit of selecting markets by doing “market mondays”. Show them how to keep track of their findings.

BONUS: Google My Maps
BONUS: Google My Maps (intro filmed)

In this Module, Rylan will be going through his process of Google My Maps

Reviewing Monthly Sell Through Rate

Using RedFin to track monthly sell through rate, as well as using 3 month and 6 month periods to track trends.

How To Use “Under Contract” Filters

Using the under contract tool to gauge real time demand on

How To Use Property Control Center

Using Property Control center to review demand and to confirm pricing trends.

Topic: Data Aggregation
Selecting Your Market
Tools of The Trade

Using Data Tree and or County GIS (include referral code for DT). Explaining the benefits of both options

Data Aggregation
Data Aggregation

Using DT to set your search criteria and reviewing the data

Preparing Your Data For Pricing

Show the process for transferring the raw data from the original sheet into the new sheet for pricing. Also show the format which we do our mailer in.

BONUS Systematizing Your Marketing

Set a goal and stick to it; 1000 pcs of mail per week for example. If you budgeted for it in your operation expenses. No reason why you shouldn’t hit it every week

BONUS Becoming an Excel Ninja

In this module, Michael Bull will be sharing his expertise on becoming an Excel Ninja

Topic: Building Offers
Selecting Your Offer Type

Explaining differences and benefits of blind offers, neutral letters, and range offers

Using Our Offer Templates + How To Make Your Own

In this module we provide copy writing tips for creating an offer letter and provide templates for blind offers, neutral letters, and range offers.

Rules of The Road For Pricing

This module explains general pricing frameworks. 30-50% of market value. Explaining inverse relationship of offer percentage relative to property value. Explaining inverse relationship between acreage and price per acre. Explain pricing theory for hot markets versus more rural markets.

Getting Comps on Redfin

As name implies

Getting Comps on Lands of America

As name implies

Getting Comps From Search

As name implies

Getting Comps From Data Tree

As name implies

Getting Comps From Zillow

Only use when RedFin is not available.

Putting it all together

Quantifying your different data sets to determine average price per acre for properties in a given size range. Applying your pricing to the data set. Accepting that you are not always going to be 100% correct in your pricing, the Pareto principle is at play here. The best way to test a market is by mailing it.

Mailing Your Offers

Learn how to mail out your offers to begin generating seller leads

BONUS Watch Me Build a Mailer in Real Time

In this video, you will see me build out a Mailer in real time to explain our process

Direct Mail Economics

Review KPI’s for mailer yield and cost per deal.

Topic: Acquisitions
Expectations For Mailing Results
Expectations For Mailing Results

Explaining the typical mailer yields. Also explain the different forms of seller outreach. Email, Mail, Call, etc.

Organizing Seller Leads
Organizing Seller Leads

Add sellers to FUB. Explaining seller stages. Explain important information that gets added to FUB.

Reviewing New Deals
Reviewing New Deals

In this module we cover everything we do when we get a new lead. Check Legal Access, Physical Access, Floodplain, Topography, Correct Owner, and taxes.

Comping New Deals
Comping New Deals

Once the property passes the sniff test, demonstrate our comping process.

Working With Sellers
Working With Sellers

Explaining follow up and sales approach. Responsiveness is the name of the game here (speed to lead). Deals get done on the phone. Follow up until you get a yes or a no.


This is a critical part of the business. Nature of sending blind offers. Explain negotiation approach. I can only pay “x” because of “y” for the property.

Tips and Tricks For Making Deals Happen
Tips and Tricks For Making Deals Happen

Resend PA via mail. Send PA for e-signature. Follow up with hand-written notes. Premise is, once you have a good deal, you do everything in your power to make sure it gets accomplished. Do not leave “the ball” in the sellers court, always lead the charge (i.e. I’ll mail this PA into you)

Defining a Good Deal
Defining a Good Deal

Setting expectations for deals. Typically a good deal is a double your money situation. For terms deals we typically want to see our basis returned in no longer than 12 months. Terms deals
should typically be a 300-500% return. Explain that as we do bigger deals in terms of price, these numbers will be skewed. Understand that the sell through rate is ultimately what’s most
important. All of these percentages go out the door when you are working in markets where land is selling very fast.

Closing Your Deal
Closing Your Deal

Difference between using a title company versus self closing. Encourage using title companies as you get to outsource the work, get title insurance, have the DD done for you, and insert a
level of trust with the seller.

Self Closing Your Deal
Self Closing Your Deal

This module explains the self close process. Benefits and drawbacks. Encourage using freelance title abstractor.

Performing Your Own Due Diligence
Performing Your Own Due Diligence

Hire title abstractor to explain deed search and chain of title review. Explain different types of deeds and when to use them. Use lawdepot for drafting deeds.

Where to List Your Property
BONUS Finding a Freelance Title Abstractor

In this module, you will see Sumner finding a freelance title abstractor

Acquisitions KPI Tracking + Template

Review the essential Acquisitions KPIs and provide KPI template sheet.

Watch Sumner Comp Properties in Real Time

Peek over Sumner’s shoulder and watch him comp deals from his CRM in real time.

Topic: Dispositions
What To Do While You are Closing Your Property
What To Do While You are Closing Your Property

Explaining workflow to get done while your property is closing. Create pre-marketing checklist.

● Send neighbor letters
● Coordinate photos and videos
● Prepare Ad copy
● List on all platforms besides MLS
● Update Spreadsheet
● Create PDR
● Decide if you want to use a realtor or FSBO

Should I Use a Realtor
Should I Use a Realtor?

Explaining logic behind using a realtor opposed to hiring a salesperson or doing your own sales. Explain common percentage splits and contract tips (no commission if you sell the property). Explain how to find a land centric realtor.

Creating Listings That Sell
Creating Listings That Sell

Add CTA/lead magnet to listings. Painting the “picture” and highlighting relevant information. What info should I include in the listing?

Where to List Your Property
Where to List Your Property

This module explains all listing sites

Using a Flat Fee MLS Provider
Using a Flat Fee MLS Provider

When to use and how to use. Get Brokerless referral link.

Pricing To Be The Next Logical Sale
Pricing To Be The Next Logical Sale

Create pricing that would make you the next logical sale in the area. Explain velocity of money.

Adding Owner Financing
Adding Owner Financing

This module explains owner financing rationale. Explain typically DP’s and monthly rates.

How To Communicate With Buyers
How To Communicate With Buyers

Besides your first day email, all other FU’s should be pushing to a phone call. Deals get done on the phone.

Keeping Track of Buyers

FUB setup, note taking, and setting relevant follow up.

Collecting Holding Deposit + Document Prep Fee
Collecting Holding Deposit + Document Prep Fee

Send intake form, draft PA and send to title. For Owner Finance sales, send PA, Contract for Deed, and Promissory Note. Create real time video of building out the documents.

Managing Owner Finance Notes​
Managing Owner Finance Notes

GeekPay, Moonclerk, etc. Prorate taxes, add service fee, and late payment fee. Talk about default timeline (30-90 days).

Collecting Social Proof​
Collecting Social Proof

There is a high level of skepticism in this business. Counteract this by asking buyer who had a good experience to leave a review or write you a private review and feature on this site.

To Use FB or To Not…​
To Use FB or To Not…

THis module explains pros and cons of using FB Marketplace

Using Drip Texting To Engage Buyer Leads

Review tools and strategies to engage buyers with drip texting

Repricing Strategy
Repricing Strategy

Cover our 3 tier repricing strategy and how to utilize price changes in your marketing.

Topic: Building a Business
Building a Cash Machine
Building a Cash Machine

Creating SOP’s for your business. Figuring out what can be automated, delegated, or eliminated. Start with the end in mind. How can I build a business that runs without my day to
day involvement. Most land investors have a high paying job, not a business.

Acquisitions and Dispositions Sheet + KPI’s Sheet
Acquisitions and Dispositions Sheet + KPI’s Sheet

Provide our templates

Using FUB Automations
Using FUB Automations

Explaining FUB automations and our setup

Hiring Overseas or US
Hiring Overseas or US

Overseas is better 99% of the time. Explain where to find talent and VA placement option.

Using a Call Center​
Using a Call Center

Provide script and explain how to setup PatLive. Get Patlive referral link

Module 6 using onlinejobsph
Module 7 Freelancer contract template
Freelancer Contract Template
Building a World Class Sales Team
Managing Team Meetings
Managing Team Meetings

See how Sumner manages his weekly team scrum and how Sumner’s team runs their daily sales huddle.

How Sumner Uses Follow Up Boss
How Sumner Uses Follow Up Boss

In this live training Sumner speaks to the LIA Group on how he uses FUB for his Acquisitions and Dispositions team.

Watch Sumner Train His Acquisitions Manager

Watch Sumner train his Acquisitions Manager. In this call, Sumner reviews Jordan’s pipeline, reviews hard to comp properties for Jordan, discusses how Jordan should manage his time in regard to comping properties, and much more.

Topic: Funding
Deal Funding Strategies

● Deal-based Joint Venture
● Bank Line of Credit
● Institutional Financing
● Promissory Note
● Multiple Investor Debt Fund
● Equity Partnership

Parcel Funders
Using Cold Texting To Generate Seller Leads
How Cold Texting Works

Breakdown the ins and outs of how the cold texting process works.

When To Add Cold Texting To Your Business

There is a specific time and place to utilize this approach. In this module we breakdown how to know when the time is right to add texting to your business.

Setting Expectations

Setting reliable expectations for lead flow and yield from cold texting.

The Tools Needed

Breakdown of all the tools needed with discounted pricing.

Using Trello For Managing Texting Workflows

How to use Trello to never lose track of where your team is at in the texting process.

How To Find Success With Cold Texting

Key components that make this acquisition channel work most effectively.

Systematizing The Process

Turning texting from a skill to a reliable acquisitions funnel.

Watch Us Prep a List

Watch us in real time prepare a list for texting.

Discounted Tools & Resources
Discounted Tool 1: Rocket Print & Mail
Discounted Tool 2: DataTree
Discounted Tool 3: MapRight
Discounted Tool 4: Launch Control
Discounted Tool 5: PatLive
Discounted Tool 6: Brokerless (flat fee MLS)
Discounted Tool 7: SignNow
Discounted Tool 8: Wise (team payments)
Discounted Tool 9: Direct Skip


One Time Payment


Payment Plan
4 x $675 monthly payments


Hi my name is

Sumner Healey

I was in your shoes just a few short years ago.

I used to wake up on Monday mornings with a feeling of dread and anxiety coursing through my entire body. At this time I was working a soul sucking tech sales job. I wasted 10 hours per week commuting in traffic.

This all changed once I stumbled into the world of flipping raw land. Since then, I’ve flipped over 408 parcels of land, I’ve got a team of 7 employees, and we do 7