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 Here are the numbers to my business over the last 12 months, First 5 months – $52,517.69 Next 7 months – $374,368.42, Total – $426,885.42  

Will You Be The Next LIA Success Story…?

I can’t talk highly enough of the course and if any body is on the fence I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend you to take it. It will change your life. It certainly change mine, in my family’s life.

Michael Bull

I would highly recommend Sumner’s land investing program and it really cuts the learning curve in terms of land investing and it really gets you started in the business and help you.

Rylan Loader

Clearly done a lot of work to spend his own time doing trial and error figuring out what works and I would 100% encourage anybody who’s curious to get in touch and figure out how to work with Sumner

Levi Pine

I JV with a guy from the program, on a deal I would have passed on. Into something that’s actually going to make us money. That’s very powerful, I would not have known if it were not for the LIA Community

Cole Richardson

This is what I love about this community. You get access to different people at different stages in their business. That do it in different ways, but they are all an open source to really just encourage you and provide you valuable information.


I wanted to be able to make $225,000 a year consistently with this business. Looking at it, that might be a little small considering how many leads I already have in my pipeline, how many contracts I have, and how many deals are already going through

Mike Lopez

The reason that I ended up joining the LIA program and community was that I wanted to level up my business from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure business

Colton Bones​

What I love about this community more than any other course or mastermind that I am a part of, is that if you were to just take one program, or just be part of one mastermind, and just belong to one land investment community I am 100% certain that this is it. The reason is because there is a tremendous amount of information provided in the course, it’s probably the fullest course I have ever taken, there is also an incredible community…

Founder and Full Time Land Investor

Meet Sumner Healey

Sumner stumbled into the wacky and wonderful world of land investing back sheer coincidence (or what he would call dumb luck). As a serial entrepreneur, Sumner had spent his early twenties building e-commerce and local service based businesses. With early and relatively small wins under his belt, Sumner went looking to deploy his capital into Real Estate. While he was quickly deterred away from single family rentals in San Diego County (where he resides), he ended up having the good fortune of finding an old tax delinquent list for properties in Elko County, Nevada. As a simple test, he hand wrote a few dozen letters and sent them off to the property owners. To his shock, the phone actually started to ring 3 weeks later. The curve ball was, everyone wanted to sell him their vacant lots in Elko County, not their houses. This sparked an “AHA” moment about the potential opportunities that were hidden in the world of land investing. After this experience in 2019, Sumner orientated all of his focus towards mastering the craft of buying and selling rural vacant land. Since then, Sumner has completed 408 flips and has taught dozens of others how to do the same. Away from work, you’ll find Sumner running the hiking trails of San Diego, lifting weights, surfing in the Pacific Ocean and spending time with loved ones.spaceman pragmatic